Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Levi's Room - Part 2

I loved how my DIY workbench turned out for my little guys and was a perfect gift for our youngest birthday.  My inspiration came from The Frugal Granny.  I knew that would make a perfect addition to the Levi's room and/or playroom, because let's face it the toys end up everywhere! (Currently it is in our dining room) There isn't much to to say in how I made it, I guess if you have questions let me know. 

unused night stand  (Goodwill) - $10
pedboard - on hand
paint - on hand
polyethylene - on hand
spraypaint - on hand
zip ties (to hold tools) - on hand
Melissa and Doug tool set - 10.00
total: $20. and some change

I added a little measuring tape to the top.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Freezer Meal Cooking Day 1

I finally got a friend talked into doing a cooking day with me!!  And it is was quite successful.  We started off small with 4 recipes: Chicken Enchiladas, Chicken Pot Pie, Manicotti and Banana Bread (because I had to get rid of all those frozen, overripe bananas to make room for my freezer meals).

(Not the best pic, my 5 yr. old took it, but we are very proud of ourselves!)

I did the shopping this time, minus the pantry basics, we split the bill then with kiddos in tow my friend, Kelly and I started our morning at 10.  We were a little overwhelmed at first getting the 4 kiddos settled, trying to figure out the best approach, getting our caffeine ready for this cooking frenzy!  After the first hour we looked at the clock and what we had accomplished and thought we might have bitten off more than we could chew, fed the kiddos lunch then barreled through - we had to get done before naptime!  Because neither of us were giving that up.

Here are the steps we took for these recipes:
1. I started the bread, it was the only thing we had to put in the oven.
2. Kelly got the chicken breasts in the pot.
3. While Kelly waited for the chicken, she mixed up the manicotti cheese mixture.
4. Chicken done and cooling then shredded.
5. Once done with the bread, I mixed up the chicken enchilada mixture.
6.  Bread done, started wrapping enchiladas.
7.  Kelly boiled monicotti and peeled carrots for Chicken Pot Pie.
(At this point we realized that the pie crusts for the Pot Pie were not going to happen, that we would just make the cream sauce and when we get ready to use it we could purchase pie crusts or make a crust or biscuits)
8.  Kelly and I started stuffing manicotti....probably the most time consuming part but they are yummy!
9.  Packaged everything up to freeze and split our goods!

With the servings we made and how much the grocery bill was, I figured it is roughly .86 cents per serving, this did not include the bread and I did buy the pantry staples.  I still think that is awesome!

At 1:00 Kelly was out the door!

Here is our haul!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pinterest: Fail

Well if any of you do follow along, you will notice that I failed horribly!  My Pinterest Challenge deadline has come and passed and I did NOT complete a project from all 21 boards.  I sadly only completed 4 and to tell you the truth I have at least 3 projects started but not completed. :-(  I had a few hiccups in the time between my challenge start and end dates which is part of life.  I do plan to finish my list and a few more projects on my ever growing Pinterest boards so be sure to stop back by...who knows you might actually see a new post.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Space - Part 1

Imagine me singing, 'Another one bites the dust!'  Another Pin completed off my Pinterest Boards!!  It feels good to get things done that I have been wanting to do.  Not really needing to do but just things I enjoy doing.  I finally covered 3 diaper boxes for my shelf, and I love them. 

This project literally cost me nothing, at one point I paid for it but not for this project.  :-)  My inspiration is found here at Shanty 2 Chic.  I didn't stray from her directions or the site she linked to.  There are tons of these tutorials out there so I don't really feel like I need to waste my time reinventing the wheel. 

I am very happy with how they turned out and might need to save a few more boxes!

Levi's Room - Part 1

Since moving Levi upstairs about a month ago his walls have been bare...it isn't for a lack of ideas, it is just getting it done.  Well, I am happy to say that I have completed yet another Pinterest pin!  I only have 19 days left to complete 17 more pins, I might be in trouble!!!  Here is my inspiration from: Make It Love It

I didn't stray too much from what she did really.  I went online and found a few truck silhouettes that I liked and I had my dear friend Mary (Yellow Door Paperie) freehand the silhouettes onto the canvases. 

I used paint I already had on hand and was on my way!  I am very happy with how they turned out and the job only cost me $5.24!! 

As you can also see I have some very good helpers, they wanted to be in the crib while I was taking pics. :-)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Detox Bath

Well another pin checked off my Pinterest boards.  Not really much to report.  I did skip adding ginger like suggested in the post, here.  I probably did rid my body of toxins but if nothing else enjoyed an hour of peace and quiet.  Now I am off to drink lots and lots of water.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Week With Preschoolers

With preschoolers the day goes fast but not only would a normal day go fast having preschool only 3 mornings a week for 2.5 hours each day...that flies by.  Now I am not complaining I love my job but as you can see from my personal Pinterest board, and my office files crammed with templates, ideas and who know what else.  There is TONS to ideas out there.
Each week we do a Theme, Number, Letter and Bible Story.  I do really well with the letters, and numbers and pretty good with the theme the bible stories are a little difficult for me sometimes.  I really like when the children can make something, you know a reminder, a momento.  Well anyway, our week:
Theme: Shapes
Letter: Pp
Number: 15
Bible: The Nobleman's son

Here are a few of the things we did:

Shape Cutting:  I traced basic shapes onto construction paper and let the children practice their cutting skills.  I found going ahead and making each shape onto a smaller piece of paper was way easier for them to handle..less frustrating.  I will be keeping these cutting samples for conferences coming up.

Shape Painting/Stamping:  I used shape blocks that came with my sons Little People Boat and Dump Truck.  They are a good size for children to hold onto and plastic (easy cleanup).  Put a variety of colors on plates and let the children stamp away, some even made simple ABAB patterns.  (Which could also be a project with shapes, if you wanted it to be more than free art.)

Shape Book: Printable found at: Ready. Set. Read!    Depending on level of child with some I had to help 'draw' the shape with the glue.  After the fact I thought I could have made a dotted line shape for them to follow with the glue bottle, others had no problem.  Could go ahead a make a couple more pages too.

Sensory Table:  Insta Snow, TOOB artic animals (penguins), some cups and sand shovels.

Sticky Easel:  Great fun.  We have a tub of shape buttons.  We are doing shapes for two weeks so the first week I just let the children explore with the sticky easel and shape buttons.  This week I sectioned it off for sorting like shown here at Learning 4 Kids

Penguins:  Trace one foot of each child (shoe on) onto black paper.  Add circle eyes, triangle nose/beak, oval belly, heart 'webbed' feet.

Number Movement: During our circle time we decided to do different movements for whatever number we are working on.  Example: 15 jump, 15 claps, etc.

Color/Shape/Graphing Page:  I found this great page for the children to do...it almost has it all, even a Pig for P!  I can't find the link right now, I think I got it from TeachersPayTeachers.  If you sign up for their e-mail you get free downloads about every other week, plus it is a great site to find things for your classroom at a decent price.

This post is also related to my Challenge: Pinterest!