Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On the Cheap

While searching Pinterest I always come across great and simple ideas to do with the boys during our days at home.  Some of them I have seen before and even done and completely forgotten about.  Yesterday Big Brother and I sat down and did some salt painting.  Find the post here.  Yes, it is a bit messy BUT it is cheap and fun way to make some art.

All you need:
cardstock or cardboard
glue (liquid NOT a glue stick)
food coloring
a container (we used baby food jars, I will get to that in a minute)
box lid or cookie sheet

1) Put maybe a 1/4 to a 1/2 cup of salt in each jar, add a couple drops of food coloring and mix.
2) Let your kiddo doodle a design, write their name or practice letters and/or numbers onto the cardstock. 
3) Now let your kiddo sprinkle/pour/dump the colored salt onto their glue masterpiece.
4) Pour off the excess and set aside to dry.

What I did:
For the containers I used Little Brother's cleaned out baby food jars that I had been hoarding (see honey I do have a use for all these little jars :-).  Using a hammer and a small nail I hammered holes into the tops of the baby jar lids making them into 'salt shakers'.
Do you know how much a spent on this little activity...? NOT A PENNY because I already had everything on hand, love it!  Plus it gave Big Brother and me a new activity to do.