Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Challenge: Pinterest

Okay, so I know (hope) I am not the only who after putting the kiddos to bed sits down at the computer and then gets sucked into a Pinterest Pinning Spree!  Only to be left at the end of the night saying, 
I got absolutely NOTHING done tonight!!  
The dishes are still in the sink, there is still a load of laundry in the washer, dryer and a load in the basket waiting to be folded, I didn't work ahead on any lesson planning (Wasn't that why I was on Pinterest in the first place?), the list goes on and on.  Plus not to mention the guilt of sitting in completely different rooms from my husband after not seeing him all day.  
Well it is 10:15 pm and it is one of those nights, so I am challenging myself to complete/make/do one pin from each of my 21, I didn't realize that I have 21 boards!! 

If you want to take a look at what I'm pinning here you go: My Pinterest

Below I linked the project/thing that I am going to complete so come back and see what I get done!

Boards:                  What I Plan to Accomplish:
all for ME!              Detox Bath 
Make It - Kiddos   All By Myself Tee
Household              Cleaning the Stove Grates
My Space              Covering Diaper Boxes 
Recipes                 Cinnamon Roll Pull Apart Bread
Decorate                Branch Wreath
Gifting                    Love Voucher Booklet
Party Ideas            Little Monster Pals  (like the ones shown)
Playroom               Shower Curtain Town    (there is the pic, the link doesn't work sorry)
Make It                 Recycled TShirt Scarf 

(Side Remark..I need to organize my boards. multiple pins of the same items, things not on the right board! ugh moving on.)

Pinterest - I DID IT!   HA! there is proof that I actually do something...not much but it is there.
Gift Ideas for the Boys   Workbench 
Free Printables         Year of Dates
Teachin'                 Shape Activities
Scrapbooking         Boy Layout
Road Trip              Child Picture Packing List - sorry no link but I will scan mine in.
Holiday                  Valentine's Food     St. Patrick's Day Food
Journaling - Kiddos     ABC Scriptures    Scripture Smash Book
Table Activities        Race to the Top Letter Recognition   - this board should be combined with Teachin'
L's Room               Truck Canvases
Living/Dining Rm     Stenciled Drop Cloth Curtains

OH! I decided to give myself 42 days to complete this list, that way I average about one every two days.  Happy Pinning!