Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent Calendar

Last year I saw this post for an advent calendar and I have slowly been working on one of our own since then, yes one whole year!!  But moving on.  This whole project cost me a whole $2 and some odd cents because I had everything else.

25 small match boxes (purchased at Dollar Store two packages $1/package)
scrapbook paper
number stickers
I used brads but aren't required
address labels

Of course you need to empty out all the little boxes and wrap each box with a strip of scrapbook paper.  The strips I cut were 4 inches long by 2 inches wide.  I made star tags with my cricket but a punch would work or nothing at all.  I attached the tags with mini brads, a few of the boxes have a little ribbon wrapped around them just for a little something extra.
In each box the hubby and I sat down and came up with 25 family oriented activities.  Activities that encourage time spent together and giving to others.  Here is what we came up with (I am lacking a couple so if you have suggestions please comment).

  • Decorate Christmas Tree
  • Make A Homemade Ornament
  • Shop For Non Perishable Foods To Donate To The Local Food Bank (our church collects these)
  • Host A Holiday Playdate
  • Make Cookies
  • Deliver Hot Chocolate and Cookies To College Class (my husband is a professor)
  • Watch A Christmas Movie
  • Shop For Angel Tree Gifts (our church collects these as well and we try and find kiddos the same age as our kiddos)
  • Write Letters To Great Grandparents
  • Invite Friends To Share Dinner
  • Make Cookies And Deliver To The Fire Department
  • Build Lego Nativity (my boys *husband* are really into Legos)
  • Shovel Neighbors Sidewalks
  • Decorate Gingerbread Houses
  • Take A Drive And Look At Lights
  • Redeem Cans/Bottles And Donate Money To Salvation Army Kettles/Ringers
  • Build Snowman/Go Sledding
  • Sleep In The Living Room With The Christmas Lights On
  • Record A Holiday Greeting For Aunts and Uncle (all of our siblings live a pretty good distance)
  • Read The Christmas Story/Make Hot Chocolate