Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Levi's Room - Part 2

I loved how my DIY workbench turned out for my little guys and was a perfect gift for our youngest birthday.  My inspiration came from The Frugal Granny.  I knew that would make a perfect addition to the Levi's room and/or playroom, because let's face it the toys end up everywhere! (Currently it is in our dining room) There isn't much to to say in how I made it, I guess if you have questions let me know. 

unused night stand  (Goodwill) - $10
pedboard - on hand
paint - on hand
polyethylene - on hand
spraypaint - on hand
zip ties (to hold tools) - on hand
Melissa and Doug tool set - 10.00
total: $20. and some change

I added a little measuring tape to the top.