Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Master Bedroom

I know this looks pretty sad master but every parent out there know that when you have kids you come last, plus the whole moving in thing happening less than a month ago.  I have been pretty presistant about putting our bedroom together and excited about it.  Our home does not have very large bedrooms but we aren't the type that hangs out in our bedroom either.  But that doesn't mean it can't look good.  So begins my to-do list:

1) Paint walls:  I decided on Martha Stewarts Chocolate Truffle (doesn't it sound yummy?)  As you can see on the walls there are several different patches of paint colors and I have already started to go around the windows, baseboards ect. so I can just start rolling it on.

2) Figure out what to do with those two sconces.  We like them but they do not make sense, they are off centered!  Any ideas!?!

*The pops of color are coming from the colors in the quilt on our bed.  The quilt was made by David's mom as our wedding gift.  She is an awesome quilter and all of our beds are covered up with her quilts - we love them.  So any way accessories and pillows will be in blues and greens.

3) Sew curtains: I have a, what I think will be a great idea, I purchased sheer chocolate brown panels and  blue sheer/textured panels (don't you love my technical terms)  I plan on layering them on the two windows - hopefully that will add somthing.

4) Shelving (more of the decorative type)....still looking for inspiration for that.

5) Some sort of bedshirt.

6) The last picture is of the closet door that whole wall is a reach in closet but it only has this single door into it, and it is dark in there.  It will be some time but we are hoping to open that up with some double doors, and add some shelving and a light.

7) The desser and bedside table were my husbands growing up and are in great shape so I (we) are not ones to get rid of perfectly good furniture but I might put some new hardware on them...

8) Find/purchase a bedside table of myself.

9) Headboard needed.

10) Lastly accessorize:  I have that vase sitting on top of the dresser, some framed pictures, pillows, lamps (if I can't figure out the sconces)....

So there you have it what I will be working on for awhile, I will keep you posted.  Any ideas are welcome.


  1. I can't wait to see the paint finished!
    I think dust ruffle (maybe a lighter color) should be your first purchase. It will make the room seem more put together. The sconces have to go. They don't make any sense. They are too high up to be reading lights. Maybe they had a twin bed in there before.

  2. Hi Rebekah!
    I love your blog! I couldn't help but notice the "master bed room" entry -- so here our some of my thoughts.
    1)LOVE the brown paint- I bet it's looks great and sets a romantic tone to the room.
    2) The Scones- that's a tough one - you could always relocated-Saturday job for the hubby? Other thoughts- maybe a funky/wave track light. or Keep the middle one and change the one closest to the corner to a "stretch" reading light? Here's a link of what I mean - so if you like the idea, there are a lot of options out there. (http://www.lampsplus.com/products/George-Kovacs-Reading-Room-Collection-Wall-Lamp__94787.html)
    3)not sure if you really need shelving, but some artwork would be nice. Take the leaf fabric you used on the curtains and frame it up w/ a Bible verse or saying w/ it
    4)Headboard- make one! all you need it some 2x4's plywood, foam & matching fabric!

    Good luck!
    Kari Davison (aka Kim M's big sister)