Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Felt Wine Bags and Gift Card Holders

While going through my pictures I found another project that I made for the holidays.  I found the idea originally at Infarrantly Creative so I made my own for some friends and family.  The no-sew part didn't agree with me - I burnt the felt so I went ahead and stitched it up, which I think I like even better because I could use different stitches.  The snowball ornaments were part of the same post and super easy to make.

I also found the idea to make my own gift card holder out of leftover felt scrape....I am horrible at keeping track of which blog I find the ideas but it is not my original idea, sadly.  So somewhere out there in blog land is a great little gift card holder tutorial but I do remember that the post did not use felt.
I basically cut two pieces of felt into rectangles, on one of them I cut a slit large enough to slide in the gift card, sewed the two together (I decided to leave a raw edge).  I used some more scraps to make a little 2" circles and layered them, then hot glued a bell to the middle as I gathered the fabric around it.  I then used hot glue to attach it to the felt.

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