Friday, August 5, 2011

Some New Kids Ideas

Crayola makes these Window Crayons.  They are pretty neat and we have also used them in the car on a long road trip and recently I wrote a reminder to our 3 year old on the bathroom mirror about what needs to be done before more fussing about brushing teeth before bed!  I bought them at Target I don't exactly remember the cost but I know it wasn't more than $5.

Glow sticks, bracelets and necklaces (idea from  I found a pack of 15 glow stick bracelets at Michael's for $1 (I bought a couple).  So far we've only used them in the tub and turned off the lights, with lots of bubbles...pretty neat!  A friend also mentioned giving them to the kiddos while camping.

Or letting your kiddo fill up glasses with water to make music.  Use food coloring and do some color mixing.  Add a glow stick and turn off the lights.

Mary over at The Yellow Door gave me this idea for dress up clothes.  I think her daughter made it at VBS.  Anyway take an old t-shirt cut up the sides taking off the sleeves BUT don't cut the neck, keep that intact.  I also suggest using a bigger t-shirt than the size your kiddo wears.  Let the kiddos decorate, I used fabric markers but permanent markers work too and instant super hero cape with NO sewing.  I am always looking for dress up clothes for my boys!

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