Thursday, October 27, 2011

Purse Organization

Thanks to Pinterest I have finally found a solution for all my wonderful purses!  Here is the before pic: (please ignore the mess of shoes, if you know my house you will agree that it has lots of storage but unfortunately it is NOT in the bedrooms)

 I had some metal shower curtain rings so this little organization task took very little time and didn't cost me a thing.  Here is the after.

Something I will tweak a little bit and spend a couple of $'s will be to purchase an extension rod and try to hang them on it instead of the same rod that our clothes hang on...causing a little bit of cramping of our clothes.  So the extension rod will go between the front and back of the closet and hang under the clothes that is the idea....but for now I am happy and so are my shoes for the extra room!

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