Sunday, January 24, 2010


Give Thanks! I decorated our fireplace and table (they moved around a bit) this thanksgiving with these little signs that spelled out 'Give Thanks'. If you have a larger table or space you can make yours to say ' Happy Thanksgiving' or other variations. Items needed:

20 5x5 coordinating scrapbook papers (you need two pieces for each letter, I have 10 letters in 'Give Thanks so I needed 20)
10 4x4 solid colored cardstock
letter stamps or permanent marker, if you choose to free hand your letters
10 (again, depends on how many letters) twigs or kabob skewers
washable paint
10 votives or juice glasses
decorative peddles, sand, or I used acorns

1) I put my sons hand prints on each 4x4 piece of cardstock before you stamp our free hand your letters on the 4x4 cardstock.

2) Adhere the 4x4 piece of cardstock on a piece of 5x5 scrapbook paper. I choose paper with a fall leaf print.

3) Sandwich the twig or skewer between the 5x5 paper that you adheared the cardstock to and another piece of 5x5 paper. You will only have a letter on one side.

4) Place each sign into a votive/glass of rocks/sand/nuts.

* I hope the pictures explain it better than I.
* I got this idea from a magazine, I believe it was family fun, I did not come up with it on my own sadly.

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