Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pipe Stem Cleaners

So probably not a new thing to many of you but in the middle of the summer ideas are hard to think of when children are at your feet wanting something to do even though there is a play room, bedroom and let's face it every part of your house littered with toys.
Pipe stem cleaners, comes in tons of colors, and you can make just about anything with them.  Noah is sporting some fabulous bunny ears made by momma!  I also made him some glasses (just like mom and dad wear) but he didn't want to wear them.  Figures, I don't want to wear mine either.  So anyway: fun, easy, inexpensive.  Make a:
string beads or cereal (great hand/eye, small motor dev. and the pipe cleaner stays in place unlike yarn or string for those little ones that are just getting the hang of it)
twist them together make bracelets and necklaces
let the creative juices flow

This is also a staple in our 'esturant bag.

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  1. Ooooh! Thanks for the reminder. I have a big bag full downstairs in a drawer. I'll have to go pull those out! ;)