Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Fun (Inside)

The weather outside has been chilly and though I wouldn't hesitate to take Big Brother out there Little Brother just can't keep warm like the rest of us movers and shakers so we have been inside a lot more than I would like to admit this winter.  Here are a couple pics of some indoor activities that me and the Little Guys have been doing.  There is also an awesome blog/facebook page with a few other SAHMs and their awesome activities/ideas to keep those little ones engaged and creating, Play At Home Mom!  Check them out.  And now check out what we've been up to:
 Materials: zip lock baggies, paint, painters tape.  A fun squishy bag.  I had all the materials on hand = FREE
 Materials: Paper and Do-Dots (or Bingo Dotters)  Do-Dots are only $1/each at Dollar Tree!  They were a stocking stuffer for Big Brother this Christmas.  It is probably one of the things that he plays with the most, go figure!
Homemade Light Table: clear tub, rope lights/Christmas lights.  We put a tub of water beads on top of the light table.  Again, I had all the materials on hand = FREE FUN

Big Brother made a mask and all on his own I had left my paper bag on the table and he got our his art box and started creating, it is so awesome to see the process and what he came up with.  = FREE FUN

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  1. What fun! I should pull out the dot paints for Nora! We haven't used ours in quite a while!