Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week 4: The Office (Before)

The office in our home is shared by myself and my husband as well as all my scrapbooking/sewing/crafting!  Did I mention I am also a preschool teacher, do you know how much 'stuff' preschool teachers keep around!?!?  Let's just say there is a lot of 'stuff' in there and it has easily become dumping grounds this busy time of year. Before I go check out A Bowl Full of Lemons, she started me on this organizing rampage.


One thing we would like to change about our office space is it's location.  In the next year we hope to move the office space to a main floor bedroom that is currently our youngest bedroom and little guy will move upstairs with big brother but until then I need to make this room work.  So here are the before pics, you will have to wait for the results...I am still in the process.

You can guess that there is no work getting done at this desk.

My tools pegboard is a project in progress, can't wait until it is done and hanging up.

Ugh, so much stuff EVERYWHERE!

Hopefully in the next week you will come back and see my progress.

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