Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hitchin' A Ride

This is a fun activity I caught on to when Noah and I were in a Kindermusik class. This activity can be done with infants until 2 yrs. atleast. By 2 yrs. for sure kids can throw their teddy bears in and take them for a ride. All you need is a laundry basket, a belt, put a pillow in the bottom of the basket and tell your little one 'ALL ABOARD, THIS TRAIN IS LEAVING THE STATION'. Oh I suppose I should mention clear the floor of all other toys, blankets or what not. Anyway, Noah loves it and any time he sees the laundry basket he climbs right in. And trust me moms and dads it is a great workout.


  1. Ha! Great idea, Summer loved being pulled in our basket but we pulled by hand, which broke my back. I may be more apt do it now. =)

  2. this is going to be a new good way of exercising and fun way for kids to enjoy.