Saturday, July 18, 2009

Little Picasso

This is a fun, and not an extremely messy way to let you child(ren) to express themselves and have lots of fun. We put down on old shower curtain on our kitchen floor (we have also done it on our balcony) then squirted non-toxic, washable paint on the shower curtain, take all of the little ones clothes off but the diaper, or you can put them in a swimming suit and let them discover the feel of paint, mixing the paint and just letting loose. You better make sure you have paint clothes on too. Please be careful to supervise, if your child is walking it is very slippery. If you would like to save their masterpiece when your child is done press a blank piece of paper on top of the spot they you or they like and make a print of it. Another fun thing to do is after Noah has walked around in all the colors of paint we have him walk on a piece of paper it is a really great footprint keepsake for you or grandparents!

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