Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reuse: Formula Cans

Now You aren't going to do this to every formula can that comes with a little one but I cleaned up a few and made these cute storage tins.  I have used these cans for several different things as our little guy has grown.  At first it one held lotions and creams, another small toys next to our changing table.  Lately they have been used as crayon containers and markers for easy and gun storage to bring our and sit at the table.  And might I add super cheap when you aren't thinking about how much you paid for formula.

What you need:
* empty, cleaned formula can (s)
* 12x12 scrapbook paper
* ribbon

1.  I don't recall how tall the cans were, I will get back to you about that, but measure the height and cut your 12x12 paper to that height.
2.   Roll adhesive on the short end of your paper and start to place the paper onto your can, add adhesive as you go.
3.  Embellish the can with any ribbon or stickers you wish to add.
4.  I did keep the lids and painted them in a coordinating color to the paper.

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