Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ruffle Apron

Another dishtowel apron.  This time I made just a half apron or one that ties around the waist (I guess all aprons tie around the waist), well anyway by the pictures you see what I mean.  I work at a school and a wonderful family gave me these dishtowels for a Christmas gift.  They are very cute but I am pretty bad at remembering I have holiday dishtowels and always forget to get them out or I get them out and they don't get put back after the holidays until summer ;-) Anyway, I can hang an apron with my others that are always up for the fun of it.  Forgive me for my lack of instructions, it is pretty basic so I pretty much just wanted to show off what I had accomplished!

1.  I found the middle of the first apron and cut it in half the short way.
2. Cut a 5" strip lengthwise on the second dishtowel to make the ruffle.
3.  Pin the ruffle strip about every 3", and sew.
4.  I attached a coordinating ribbon to each side for the tie (about 12").

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