Saturday, July 3, 2010

All Your Baby's Needs

Recently several of our very close friends are expecting their first child and have asked those of us who already have kids, (here are some of the kids, this picture was taken in 08, the number of kids have doubled since then!)

"okay, so what do we really need to register/buy to survive?  What was useful and what could you just live without?"
So I am writing all our responses and putting out there for anyone else who might want some ideas or opinions (not like you don't get enough people telling you what to do when you become a parent, HA!)

Bottle Warmer
Diaper Genie
Diaper Genie Refills
Dresser (if you make sure and purchase a dresser that is atleast 34 inches in height it can double as a changing table - that was a total space saver for us since we lived in an apartment)
Changing Table/Changing Pad
Boppy Pillow (even if you don't nurse they are great, soft pillows to prop baby up and you don't have to worry about them rolling over)
Sleepers (Noah pretty much lived in onsies and sleepers atleast for the first couple months)
Swing (this is something that can easily be found at a garage sale in fairly good shape)
Bouncy Seat  (this is something that can easily be found at a garage sale in fairly good shape)
Large Receiving Blankets for swaddling (one friend had a specific: Miracle Blanket)
Sound Spa (preferred by some for white noise, we personally used a small table top fan)
Baby Monitor
Dishwasher Baskets (for all those little bottle parts, if you have a dishwasher)
Bottle Drying Rack
6 Bottles (atleast)
Burp Clothes (old fashioned cloth diapers are very absorbant and pretty inexpensive and you can always dress them up by sewing on a ribbon)
Crib Sheets (atleast 3-4)
Bassinet (this was not something that we registered for, mainly because we lived in a small apartment and Noah slept in his crib from day one.  Many prefer one though for placing next to your bed for those middle of the night feedings)
Pack-n-Play (not a necessity right away but you will travel OR you can set this up in our room instead of a bassinet and really if people are going to buy you those bigger items then you having to do it later than you better add it to the list)

Pack-n-Play sheets (I have survived with one)
Baby Bathtub
Diapers (All sizes)
Diaper Bag (I preferred one with an insulted pocket, but they are a little hard to come by and expect to by another one or two along the way, we are pretty hard on our diaper bags)
Bottle Brush
Stroller (Many prefer a system, we personally registered for the safety first that reclined and would put a positioner in the stroller so Noah wouldn't roll back and forth-again a space issue for us-but we have used the same stroller and Noah is now 2 1/2)
Nursing Cover Up (there are tons out there, you can even make your own)
Baby Wrap/Sling/Carrier (here is a really easy and inexpensive one that I have found to make check it out: Baby Wrap)
Formula Dispenser (if you aren't nursing and it is great for those middle of the night feedings before you go to bed measure out the correct amount and fill your bottles of water and all you have to do is warm the water and pour the formula when you are half asleep)
Travel Changing Pad (usually one comes with the diaper bag, but you better make sure)
Formula (if that is the route you are going)
Sun Shade (for the car)
Car Seat and Base

For Later On:
Highchair (one that can recline a bit and baby can join you and the family at the dinner table)
Travel Booster
Snack Traps (I have had the best luck with the Munchkin Snack Catcher)
Sippy Cups w/ handles and soft tips
Rubber Tipped Spoons
Safety 1st Training Potty (seems to be the most preferred among our group of friends)
Small bowls with lids
Bibs (I have some good friends that make some check them out: The Dotted Duck)
Bumbo Seat (these are also nice to sit in the bathtub, once baby gets control of their head, since it is rubber.  But please never leave your little one unattended)

Check back for any updates in case I missed something or please share what worked and didn't work for you.  Every child and family is different.


  1. This is a great idea!!! I like the idea of using the dresser as a changing table - and a lot of friends I know who have recently had babies love the Pack n Play - a lot of them do use it as a bassinet early on, etc. I will definitely be checking this when the time comes! :)

  2. How funny - when I wrote that comment I didn't know we'd have our first little one on the way in a few months! Anyway, I just copied your list to help as I start thinking about registering! :-) Thanks!