Saturday, July 31, 2010


Another first for me.  David and I made applesauce last weekend and froze 4 - 32 oz. containers.  It is very yummy and very tasty.  It was super easy - mainly because my MIL has an grinder/peeler/applesauce maker (I am really not sure the technical term).  Apples are not in season just yet but we were given a half a box of red delicious apples that were leftover from a middle school church lock in.

We had about 30-40 apples (I kept forgetting to count) and froze 4 - 32 oz. containers.
First wash and quarter the apples (don't forget to remove any stickers, if you purchased them from the store)
Put about 2 inches of apple juice into your stock pot.
Put in quartered apples (if you have a grinder/peeler/whatnot you don't have to remove seeds or peel)
Cover and turn stove to hight until apples are very soft 20-30 minutes (stir occasionally to get the apples on the top to the bottom)
Once soft pour apples into the grinder and start cranking.

We did add a couple cinnamon sticks to our apple juice.
I am so excited about the yummy things that are filling up our freezer:

1 gallon bag of carrots
5 - 3 cup bags of sweet corn
1 gallon bag of green beans
7 - 2 cup bags of zuchinni
4 - 32 oz. of applesauce

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  1. Fabulous! Doesn't it just feel good to "put things by" for later. I love it! Making applesauce and apple butter is a favorite activity in our house in September. We like to use the crockpot. I need to get moving on filling my freezer. How did you prepare your carrots and green beans for freezing?